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How to Transform the Old-fashioned Villa Elevator?

At present, the demand for people to take the elevator is also increasing. Old-fashioned home lift with frequent failures can no longer meet people's needs. But for some users, the sudden replacement of old-fashioned home lift into new elevator will have certain difficulties in funding.  Therefore, the need for the transformation of the old elevator has arisen. Here is how to transform the old-fashioned small domestic elevators.

Construction of the renovation project

The renovation project of the elevator is mainly divided into electrical parts and mechanical parts, and the two are integrated and inseparable.

(1) Electrical part

The engineering personnel carefully check the random files of the villa elevator control panel, including the electrical schematic diagram, the electrical code description, the control panel user manual and the well layout, which car elevator manufacturer also need to consider. In terms of device and material selection, higher quality limit switches, sensors and cables should be used. Equipped with LED-type car control box, floor display, and call box. Finish or replace the well line, and wire the wiring according to the well pattern, and the wiring should be firm and the line should be neat, and the line numbers should be clearly marked.

(2) Door machine system

It can be modified according to specific conditions. If the door system is in poor condition, you can replace the new reliable door system and the doors of each floor; if the door system is in good condition, you can repair and replace the door parts to repair the door system, which is different from smart elevator system. For users with higher requirements, the door drive part can be converted into DC speed or variable frequency speed control door machine system, which can solve the problem of low speed torque shortage of some door machine systems and greatly reduce the noise of the switch door.

(3) Traction machine part

This part is the key component of the elevator ride comfort. Especially in the speed control elevator, the quality of the traction machine will directly affect the vertical vibration performance of the elevator. Therefore, the traction machine must be refurbished or even replaced.

(4) Correction of other parts of the guide rail, verification of the speed limiter, replacement of consumable parts, etc. shall be carried out in accordance with relevant standards.