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Should We Install A House Lifting in the Villa Brought or Bulit?

    With the continuous improvement of people's living standards, many people can consider to buy villa, also can consider to build villa in outskirts oneself. A villa is at least three or four floors above. Then, whether it is a villa or self-built house, is it necessary to install a house lifting?

    This is indeed a question of cost. Undoubtedly, villas with house lifting will bring a lot of convenience to their travel and life, especially for the elderly and those who are inconvenient. Like walkway escalator, house lifting can extend their lives to a wider space.

    However, the villa installation of house lifting also has some shortcomings:

    First of all, the house lifting takes up the villa space. Unless the house lifting location is taken into account at the beginning of the design, it is necessary to adjust the interior layout of the villa to install the house lifting in the built villa.

    Secondly, the installation of a house lifting must take into account the bearing capacity of the villa. If the carrying capacity is insufficient, it will adversely affect the structure of the villa and ultimately affect the safety of the villa.

    It is said that there is a defined standard for the installation of house lifting. Generally speaking, from the top of the building to the bottom of the building, if the outdoor distance is more than 15 meters, it is recommended to install the household lifts. According to the calculation of 3 meters per floor, it is recommended to install elevators for buildings with more than 5 floors.

    According to this standard, we may wish to see if the height of our villas and buildings is within this standard. Self-built buildings generally have floor restrictions that will not allow you to build a house without restrictions. For self-built buildings, in general, the floor height is relatively higher than that of commercial houses. As for the villas, the newly built villas are now more than 3 floors, even 4 floors and 5 floors, and there are also basements, even reaching the second floor. In this case, the height of the building may be more than 15 meters. In this case, installing a house lifting for your own building is a good choice as long as it can withstand the maintenance and operation costs.

    After all, in addition to seeing whether the current status of the villa is suitable, whether to install a villa lifting is mainly to see the individual's ability to withstand. Some two-storey villas also have a villa home elevator that is not for anything else, just for comfort and convenience. Autowalks is more and more important in our daily life.