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Technical Characteristics of the Villa Observable Lift

    The novelty of the villa sightseeing elevator is the use of a transparent viewing wall in the car viewing area. Before designing a observable lift car, the designer should consult the relevant building codes to understand the specifications for the use of glass materials in elevator cars and shafts.  Transparent viewing walls shall not be used as load-bearing or structural components during design and installation. The frame around the transparent viewing wall should be sufficient to withstand all levels of force, including the forces that elevator passengers may generate, without distortion that affects safety performance.

    Unlike small passenger lift, The villa observable lift can be driven by traction or hydraulically. The choice depends to a large extent on the lift height of the elevator and the hoistway conditions of the building. Since the observable lift has high requirements on the running quality, variable frequency speed regulation or hydraulic driving is usually adopted. The observable lift generally does not require high operating speeds, as passengers generally wish to stay in the car for a while to view the scenery outside the car. The speed of the sightseeing elevator is suitable for speeds lower than that of similar objects, as long as the vertical traffic in the building is not affected because the speed is too slow. The car area of the car sightseeing elevator consists of two parts, the passenger area and the viewing area. The passenger area is adjacent to the elevator car door, which is usually located at the rear of the car. It is worth noting that the ratio of the area of the viewing area to the passenger area must be appropriate, and the area ratio will increase the difficulty of balancing the car. Since the width of the car in the passenger area is limited to extend the time the passenger enters the car, the car top and the car floor must be strong. But it must be light and easy to replace at the same time. It should be designed so that the exterior surface of the car is not damaged by repair work, oil stains or excessive lubricant.

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