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What Are the Protective Measures for Passenger Lift?

    Everyone may have the idea when they take the elevator: Will the elevator fall? Maybe many people have had this idea. Everyone should not worry as much as possible. The design, manufacture, installation and post-maintenance of today's passenger lift have been relatively complete by elevator manufacturing companies, so it is rare for passenger elevator to fall. Here are some of the protection measures for  passenger lift.

    The safety of passenger lift not only relies on direct safety technical measures, but also has many kinds of mechanical and electrical safety protection devices, including safety clamps, speed limiters, buffers, landing door locks, travel limit, numerous mechanical distributed in various institutions and electrical safety closed loops. Among them, the speed limiter safety gear is an important protection device for the elevator car to prevent overspeed and falling, and is a necessary condition for passenger lift to enter commercial passenger transportation. When the speed of the passenger elevator car exceeds the set value, the speed limiter operates the safety gear to force the elevator car to stop on the guide rail and simultaneously cut off the power supply of the elevator. The analogy is like using a large pliers to clamp the elevator car on the rails so that the car is stuck and stopped on the track without falling. Therefore, the passenger elevator will not fall from above at any time, which dues to smart elevator tech.