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What Are the Safety Functions of the Home Elevator?

    The villa elevator is a home elevator. It is an elevator installed in a private home for use by a single family member. Many homeowners don't know much about some functions when they buy a home elevator. Due to the application of microcomputer automatic control technology in elevators, today's home elevators have a variety of functions. However, it is not as functional as possible. You will need stretcher lift when you get serious injury. So what suits you is the best. Multi-function means more money. Here are some of the safety features that are indispensable for home elevators:

1. Overload protection. When the occupant exceeds the rated load, the running command is invalid and an alarm is given.

2. Broken rope protection function. When the wire rope breaks, the elevator must automatically stop running immediately and lock the car at the same time.

3. Upstream limit protection. When the elevator goes up to the highest floor level, it will continue to run, and there should be an emergency stop function when the maximum stroke design value is exceeded.

    The above three functions, like public elevators, are functions that must be provided for home elevators. Another function is not available in general public elevators: power-off self-rescue function. Everyone knows that in residential areas, circuit trips or power supply departments repair the nearby circuit faults and power outages or power outages. At this time, the elevator needs to have an automatic lowering function without power supply. This function is called the power-saving self-rescue function.

    The household elevator provide passengers with convenience, which gives people a higher level of quality of life. This is inseparable from smart elevator system.