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All year, all day considerate service
Sail intelligent elevator overall after-sale service is extension of quality elevator; it inherits top level service management system and standard, and carry out profession, detail to each procedure till maintenance, making you feel about superior quality of Sail.

Top level service standard
Be equipped with professional technical team with rich experience, providing technical guidance over clients in time; Top level service standard

Arrange maintenance time reasonably; find problems timely under the circumstance without influence on users; eliminate potential in advance;

Top level service system
Provide one-stop exquisite service from before safe, after sale, in sale till life service;

Make regular dispatching of maintenance personnel; make all-round examination and maintenance over elevator, making you at ease;

Top level service system

Top level service technology
Adopt remote supervision technology; understand situation of elevator;

Apply Internet of Thing technology to realize early warning and alarming of remote elevator malfunction, rescue, daily management, quality evaluation, potential danger prevention, risk evaluation, benchmarking system, energy conservation technology development and so on. Nowadays, smart elevator tech is widely used.