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How to Make the Sightseeing Elevator Both Beautiful and Practical?

In addition to satisfying the most basic passenger-carrying function, the sightseeing elevator should also become a flowing landscape of the building, adding some color to it. Therefore, whether the appearance of the sightseeing elevator is beautiful or not, and whether the small environment of the sightseeing elevator can be integrated with the surrounding environment are very important.

1. Optimized appearance of sightseeing elevator hositway

(1) The optimization measures are to cover the landing door device and the landing foot guard as a whole, and then cooperate with the overall spraying to make the main view of the hoistway more integrated than before and more integrated into the building.

(2) According to the structure of the counterweight frame, sealing plates can be arranged on both sides of the counterweight to completely conceal the simple counterweight block to make the original awkward side elevation more beautiful.

2. Optimized appearance of sightseeing elevator

(1) The exterior decorative board of the sightseeing elevator is an important part of the sightseeing elevator. When designing the exterior board of a sightseeing elevator, aesthetics and occlusion factors should be considered at the same time to optimize the appearance of the car, so as to achieve the fundamental purpose of "highlighting the car" to the greatest extent.

(2) Traditional sightseeing elevator calling mostly uses standard embedded calling boxes, and the wiring is exposed. When the landing is made of transparent glass, it will greatly affect the overall appearance of the landing. It is suggested that special design can be made for the calling of the sightseeing elevator, which can effectively hide or regularize the wiring, so as to obtain a better visual effect.