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Commercial Elevator

Commercial Elevators provide access to people visiting or working in schools, libraries, churches, multi-family homes or low-rise commercial buildings. Commercial elevators can be customized to accommodate decorative and spatial considerations in almost any environment and provide a safe, smooth and carefree ride for those who find it difficult to use the stairs.

SAIL as a professional commercial elevator manufacturers offers commercial elevator service
Our commercial lift installation service starts at the planning stage of a project and continues until your project is manufactured, installed and completed.
Hospital Elevators
SAIL as a professional commercial elevator manufacturersare committed to providing the best customer service and solutions for your commercial elevator installation. We provide a complete range of commercial elevators for all applications and needs. Our commercial routes include passengerelevator and freight lifts, material lifts, dump trucks, and accessible lifts.
SAILis an expert in the construction and installation of all kinds of commercial elevator lift. After analyzing the expected transportation patterns, we apply our years of experience and the latest elevator technology to help you select the most efficient and economical commercial elevator lift for your project. We combine the latest design, performance, and energy efficiency in our new projects to ensure that your small commercial elevators and lifts will serve your specific needs.
We provide owners, architects and commercial contractors with a broad database of manufacturers' information, specifications, and recommendations for each specific application, including equipment size, type, and speed. Choose the most suitable commercial lift equipment for you.
Types of commercial elevators:
Passenger elevator
Freight elevator
Material elevator
All accessible lifts including wheelchair lifts

Commercial Elevator Cases

SAIL Intelligent Elevator

SMAlL Intelligent Elevator, with its unique smart elevator solution, can perfectly match the design and use of the various elevators. When you need a smart elevator solution, call us to experience our difference. Each elevator produced by SAIL is individually engineered.
SAlL Intelligent Elevator recommended: