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What are the Rules for the Use of Freight Lift Elevators?

As the name suggests, freight lift elevators are elevators for unloading and transporting goods. We all know that there are many elevator accidents. Therefore, in order to regulate the safe operation of freight elevators and ensure the safety and normal operation of elevators, freight lift elevators must be used with caution. So what are the regulations on the use of freight lift elevators?

Basic precautions for safe operation of freight lift elevators

1. The operator must be familiar with the general structure and performance of the equipment, and it is strictly forbidden to use the equipment with super performance.

2. The operator shall not violate the requirements and regulations listed in the manual.

3. It is strictly forbidden to move or damage the warning signs and nameplates installed on the elevator.

4. Any protection facilities on the machine cannot be removed or modified without authorization.

Regulations on the use of freight elevators

1. Preparation work before elevator operation

①The operator must try the elevator up and down several times before each work, and check that there is no malfunction or abnormal phenomenon.

②The operator shall first verify the function of the door contact and the door lock, and test whether the it stops immediately when the freight lift elevator is disconnected with the cabinlift.

③ Pay attention to check the accurate angle of the leveling of the cabinlift stopping floor, and there is no significant abnormality.

2. Safety precautions for freight elevators in driving

① Operators are not allowed to leave their posts during the service hours. If they need to leave, they must turn off the main switch of the freight elevator.

②The operator shall be responsible for supervising that the load of the car does not exceed the rated weight.

③Dangerous goods such as flammable and explosive are not allowed to be shipped.

④The operator shall be responsible for supervising that the freight elevator is not allowed to carry people and goods, and the freight elevator is not allowed to carry people.

⑤When the freight elevator is working, it is strictly prohibited to wipe, lubricate or repair the parts.

⑥ When the freight elevator fails or fails to work properly, the relevant maintenance personnel should be notified immediately for repair. If it is found to be dangerous or may cause personal or mechanical accidents, it should be stopped immediately, the main power supply of the freight elevator should be cut off, and the report should be reported to the top management of the department. It can be used after repair and detailed inspection.

⑦When the elevator is in operation, when the floor is not docked, the cargo cannot be unloaded. After the freight elevator is parked in place, the operator can issue the exit number to unload the cargo.

⑧ Except for the fixed equipment belonging to the elevator, no other objects are allowed to be stored on the top of the caibilift; except for maintenance personnel, no one can enter.

⑨When electrical out of control is found during operation, press the emergency stop button immediately, turn off the power switch and hang the fault warning sign. The elevator shall not be used until the fault is eliminated.

⑩If abnormal sound of hydraulic components is found during work or the working mechanism shakes or skews during lifting, press the emergency stop button immediately. It can be used only after it is repaired by maintenance personnel.

⑪When the elevator is in normal use, you cannot press the emergency stop button on the control panel and the emergency switch on the elevator door at will.