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How to Choose the Correct Home Elevator?

    At present, the following problems should be considered when buying home elevator.

    First, you should consider whether the elevator is energy efficient.

    Second, we must choose elevator control and communication technology for microcomputer control and serial communication. Because the function of the elevator is constantly increasing, the smart elevator tech is constantly updated, it is necessary to upgrade the part of the elevator after the upgrade.

    Third, in the choice of the host, the general gearless mainframe is the first choice for home elevators. Because this kind of host is energy-saving, and the noise is small, the operation is more comfortable. Of course, you can also consider other energy-saving and low-noise hosts.

    Fourth, the choice of security system. The choice of household lifts must be carried out in accordance with national standards. Two-way security systems are already required by national standards. At the same time, it should also consider the elevator control system to ensure the safety of elevator passengers, such as image monitoring, remote monitoring and so on.

    Fifth, the door system is selected. The requirements for the door panel can be higher, especially for the thickness of the steel plate, as some home panels will be thinner.

    Finally, it is a power outage. The current power failure rescue function has a simple UPS. Use the UPS with a manual button in the event of a power outage, which elevator manufacturing companies should pay attention to.There are also automatic rescue elevators that can be selected as needed.