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Elevator Purchasing Ten Considerations

    Elevator as a vertical transport, and people's daily life are inseparable. Meanwhile, the elevator is also an important category of government procurement, almost every day a dozen projects for public tender. How to buy an elevator, can not only save time and effort to achieve, but also value for money, free from disputes, every problem is a purchasing agency and the need to consider. In fact, in order to meet the above requirements, only full attention to small details in the procurement. This issue, we will follow the procurement process introduced ten details.

    First, determine the type of elevator

    Buildings begin planning period, elevator manufacturing companies should be clear that the purpose of the building, because by hotels, restaurants, office buildings, hospitals, residential buildings or industrial and mining enterprises of different uses, the use of an elevator type often vary widely, and has been determined, then changes will be very troublesome. After the use of the building to determine, according to the building area, floor (height), and out of traffic personnel, where the elevator floor location and other factors make traffic analysis to determine the elevator speed (minimum speed to meet the requirements of fire emergency landing), deadweight ( the elevator car load full load), the number of units required for the elevator, room type (large room, small room, no room), the hoisting machine type (conventional turbine vortex rod and new permanent magnet synchronous).

    Second, after the beginning of the procurement planning approval

    Procurement time recommended planning approval to start after purchase. After determining the type of lift, speed, load, number of units, stop layer number of stations, the total travel height, it can be entrusted to the architectural design department design blueprint, the relevant elevator civil engineering (mainly elevator shaft), which is usually the design department of a professional elevator manufacturers to provide the same type of standard civil drawings, combined with the building elevator stairwell different structures such as brick, concrete structure, brick and concrete structure or steel structure and other civil drawings drawn elevator. Consider this size generic manufacturers to meet the general needs. But different manufacturers of elevator shaft design size, room and pit requirements there are still differences, if the manufacturer is determined in advance, depending on the selected manufacturer's design drawings, can reduce the waste of space, but also reduces the trouble in the future construction. If the hoistway large waste area; if the well is small, and some manufacturers simply can not meet, we must follow the non-standard production, a lot of the cost increase.

    Third, a reasonable choice of brands and manufacturers

    Elevator manufacturers and brands in the world eight brands are also divided into grades, have said first and second Legion Legion. Also many domestic elevator companies. Elevator is a penny stock. It may be substantially the same level of unit bid according to their budget and project location selection. A large area can be selected, and then finally to determine which grades based on the degree of difference. Elevator there are dealers and agents, their price will be higher, but the strength can be underwritten. Manufacturers usually chosen so that quality and security, and services can be found in the root, but the payment conditions are harsh. Industry practice is to require advance payment or full payment before shipping hair basic hair full amount. Elevator Factory business license should be necessary, lift production license, which belongs to the construction sector construction enterprise qualification level, install security accreditation certificates and other documents.

    Fourth, the interface is easy to divide the transfer

    Interface division elevator installation and turnkey construction units (civil engineering and installation), fire units, weak units are closely related to the interface between each other to clear the agreement, the construction process to do the transfer.

    Fifth, because of the need to select lift function

    Each has a elevator factory lift Menu, procurement officers to learn its function. Some features are mandatory, and you can not fall. Some functions are necessary lift, there will be no election. Some functions are secondary, not essential, you can choose. Optional features according to the project location. The more features, the higher the price, in fact, not necessarily practical. Especially accessibility features an elevator, residential projects, when final acceptance is no mandatory requirement, the usual practice is not to be considered for the stretcher elevators, design specifications have been mandatory. For public construction projects, accessibility to be considered complete. Elevator buttons arranged to consider convenience, aesthetics, but also consider a number of sensitive people and foreigners numbers, 13, 14, and other letters instead. Elevator manufacturers bidding requirements for a variety of optional quote for the reference calibration selection.

    Sixth, a clear price to avoid disputes

    Elevator Engineering All prices include all equipment prices, transport costs, tariffs (into the ladder), insurance, installation costs, commissioning fees and manufacturers to owners committed to pre-sales warranty and other related costs, but the caveat here, in the factory construction sector to the delivery of property owners have installed inspection is completed, the time and qualified elevator, some are late fees shall be borne by the owners, such as elevators registration fees, installation and acceptance inspection fees, fire (equipment) inspection fees, inspection fees annually elevator. Expenses related to the above, both parties should be possible to implement the contract, both in text form clear responsibility is the best way to avoid disputes. Requirements elevator wearing parts manufacturers reported price and maintenance costs when bidding cost involved in this sector for future use running costs, property companies are more concerned about.

    Seven, overall planning and delivery times

    Owners for their own civil building construction progress, may require the production of elevator manufacturer specific delivery date, delivery period is now generally manufacturers need two and a half months to four months, and the elevator equipment is generally the best approach building has been capped in the building, about to withdraw before demolition crane outdoors is appropriate, if before this arrival is bound to warehousing problem occurs, and after that will be second lifting, handling and other charges. Free storage period is usually elevator factory will be some time longer than that is not shipped, the factory will receive a fee.

    Eight, the good part of three elevator installation

    A good lift, to control the following three main components (also known as three phase).

    First elevator equipment product quality, which requires manufacturers to protect their elevator product quality; As the elevator belongs to special equipment, with the production quality of the production certificate is usually not a big problem, but durability and stability there will be difference.

    The second installation should pay attention to the level of technology, quality of the installation is very important for each elevator factory installation team basically own or long-term cooperation, but also the assessment and commissioning are generally arranged by the person responsible for elevator factory.

    Third, after-sales service, has now sold the elevator maintenance professional team responsible for elevator factory will and property companies signed a maintenance contract, which guarantees the continuity of the elevator factory work. Maintenance of a reasonable and timely management, to ensure the quality of the use of the elevator. Therefore, the state in the early 1990s by the Ministry of Construction issued a red-headed, clear that, by the elevator manufacturer of products using "one-stop" service, that is, the elevator manufacturer to produce their own elevator equipment warranty, installation, maintenance and so responsible.

    Nine, Elevator acceptance can not be sloppy

    The elevator is the special equipment, the State Bureau of Technical Supervision has inspection procedures, but they are usually responsible for safety, acceptance also fly. So owners and supervision units should strictly out of the box inspection, process monitoring, covert acceptance, functional and acceptance. Be sure to press the elevator contract and acceptance criteria determined in function itemized acceptance, an acceptance of an elevator lift.

    Ten, hand control of the elevator ensure safety

    Elevator installation ends, internal inspection is completed, with the conditions of use. As a rule, are not allowed to use the elevator without the acceptance and Technical Supervision, but usually this time outside the elevator has been removed, the total package units other unfinished work, we need to use the indoor elevator. Smart elevator tech should be improved. Elevator unit and the total package unit signed an agreement to arrange elevator elevator unit, the total package units required to use the elevator and the elevator unit expense. After the project is completed, do a comprehensive inspection and maintenance. After the completion and acceptance of the overall project, the company handed over to the elevator maintenance units, the total package handed over to the property management company.